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Community Media Database (Version 1.0): Welcome!

Welcome to Community Media Database 1.0, a free reference site for community media in the United States.  This site contains directories, databases, and interactive maps for community access television providers and low-power FM radio stations.  We welcome you to use these tools to learn more about the community media providers in your area and across the country.  Community media providers are invited to add or update their infomation here for free.

Community Media Database 1.0 is a 3-month pilot project funded by the Benton Foundation, with advice and support provided by the New America Foundation's Media Policy Initiative.  More data is currently being gathered and entered into the database, which will have its first public demonstration at the Free Press National Conference for Media Reform in Boston, April 8-10.  Additional collaborators and funders are being sought to carry the project into a Version 2.0, which will incorporate additional forms of community media, through the Spring of 2011 and beyond.

ACD: Study Shows Public’s Cable Channels at Greatest Risk

from the Alliance for Communications Democracy website:

April 8, 2010:  "Today the Alliance for Communications Democracy (ACD) and the Benton Foundation released results of a nationwide study on public, educational and government (PEG) Access showing that public access cable channels have been the hardest hit by a wave of funding cuts and closures across the country in recent years.  The primary causes are new state franchising laws and decisions of local governments."

Read the ACD's full press release and download the report from the ACD's website: Analysis of Recent PEG Access Center Closures, Funding Cutbacks and Related Threats

FPFM & Noncommercial TV now added to Directories & Databases

There are now Google Doc spreadsheet directories and CiviCRM database search forms for 3,845 full power noncommercial educational radio stations, and for 385 noncommercial television stations.  Links for these are in the top-line menu above.

Four Related Guest Posts at "Sustaining Democracy in a Digital Age," blog of New America Foundation's Media Policy Initiative

Starting in December, 2010,  I wrote four guest posts for the New America Foundation Media Policy Initiative's blog from the access television data I'd compiled. They may help provide some interesting initial insight about the universe of community media included in this database.  Here are their links.

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