Massachusetts Access TV & LPFM Radio Stations with Congressional Districts

Community Access TV Low Power FM Radio

 Access Management Type–Select–Nonprofit OrganizationGovernmentHigher EducationPrimary/Secondary EducationMulti-Jurisdictional AuthorityLibraryOther Cable Co (not yet collected)LPFM Management Type –Select–Nonprofit OrganizationGovernmentHigher EducationPrimary/Secondary EducationFaith-based Organization  AKALARAZCACOCTDCDEFLGAHIIAIDILINKSKYLAMAMDMEMIMNMOMSMTNCNDNENHNJNMNVNYOHOKORPARISCSDTNTXUTVAVTWAWIWVWY
CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS Blue-shading Blue shadingCurrent Representative is a DemocratRed-shading Red shadingCurrent Representative is a RepublicanWhite-pushpin PushpinDistrict & Current Representative Information  COMMUNITY MEDIA PROVIDERS Yellow-DottedDotted balloonCommunity access televisionYellow-blankBlank balloonLow power FM radio        * Managed by:Yellow-DottedYellow-blankNonprofit Organization Green-dottedGreen-blankGovernment Entity Blue-dottedBlue-blankPrimary or Secondary Educational Institution Purple-dottedPurple-blankHigher Education Institution Orange-dottedOrange-blankMulti-Jurisdictional Authority Red-dottedRed-blankFaith-based / Library / Other

* This data is from a variety of sources. Unless supplied by the providers themselves,
the management type and other Info Window data may be incorrect or out-of-date.
LPFM sources: FCC FM Query, Prometheus Radio Project, Jim George’s LPFM Database, Radio Locator.
Please send any corrections or additions to (info at CommunityMediaDatabase org).

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