Update Your Organization's Information

If you are an authorized representative of one of the access providers in this database, the database administrator can set your log-in to enable you to edit your organization's information.

There are actually two types of records access providers can edit in this database: Individual and Organization.  You can only log-in as an Individual.  Once the administrator has established a connection between your Individual record and your Organization's record, you have edit access to its record, as well as your own. 

To edit their Organization's record, authorized individuals need to log-in and do the following:

    1.  Copy and paste this URL into your browser:


    2.  Add your organization's 4 or 5 digit database ID number to the end of the URL.

    3.  Hit search.

    4.  You may then edit and submit the form that comes up.  Adapted from the search form, the edit form has data-entry help for many of the fields.  In order to capture information more accurately than these fields allow, there are a series of additional "Note" fields at the bottom of the form which you may use if you wish to expand on your answers.

If you don't have your organization's database ID number, or if you experience other problems accessing the edit form, please send an email to info@communitymediadatabase.org.


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