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Blue-shading Blue shading Representative is a member of the Democratic Party
Red-shading Red shading Representative is a member of the Republican Party
White-pushpin Pushpin Representative's name & election information
Yellow-DottedDotted balloon Community access television provider
Yellow-blankBlank balloon Noncommercial educational FM radio station
      * Managed by: Yellow-DottedYellow-blankNonprofit Organization
  Green-dottedGreen-blankGovernment Entity
  Purple-dottedPurple-blankHigher Education Institution
  Blue-dottedBlue-blankPrimary or Secondary Educational Institution
  Red-dottedRed-blankLibrary/Other (access TV); Faith-based (radio)
  Orange-dottedBlank spaceMulti-Jurisdictional Authority (access TV only)
  Blank spaceLight blue-blankNative American Entity (radio only)
BROADCAST TV STATIONS (full-power only shown)  
Whick blank markerWhite blank balloon Independent (no network affiliations)
TargetBlue markers non-Faith-based networks
  A = ABC
  B = CV Network
  C = CBS
  D = Me-TV
  E = Estrella TV
  F = Fox
  G = Mega TV
  H = mHz WorldView
  I = This TV
  J = Jewelry Television
  K = TeleFutura
  L = LATV
  M = MyNetworkTV
  N = NBC
  O = ION
  P = PBS
  Q = VassalloVision
  R = teleSUR
  S = ShopNBC
  T = Telemundo
  U = Unision
  V = V-me
  W = The CW
  X = RTV
  Y = My Family TV
  Z = Azteca America
  1 = America One
  2 = multiple network affiliations
  3 = Tr3S
red balloon, ARed markers Faith-based networks
  A = Three Angels Broadcasting
  C= Christian Television Network
  D = Daystar
  E = Golden Eagle Broadcasting
  F = FamilyNet
  G = God's Learning Channel
  L = LaSea
  O = Cornerstone Television
  S = Tri-State Christian Television
  T = Trinitiy Broadcasting Network
  V = Victory Television Network
  W = World Harvest Television
  Y = Legacy Television
This data is from a variety of sources. Unless supplied by the providers themselves,
the management type, network affiliation, & other Info Window data may be incorrect or out-of-date.
113th Congress sources: New Congressional Districts maps compiled from state government sources listed here.  Election information from Ballotpedia "State Legislative & Congressional Redistricting after the 2010 Census" Wikipedia "United States House of Representatives elections, 2012".

Broadcast TV sources: FCC TV Query Database (retrieved 2/17/12);  FCC: All Full-Power Television Stations By DMA (pdf}, A.C. Nielsen 2011-2012 Ranked Demographic Market Areas (pdf); Wikipedia List of Television Stations:  by Stateby Call signWikipedia List of Over-the-Air TV NetworksTV Fool Coverage Map Online Browser"Public Interest Obligations," Media Policy Initiative, New America Foundation.  

Radio sources: FCC FM Query (retrieved 4/17/12), Wikipedia "Lists of radio stations in the United States"Radio LocatorPrometheus Radio ProjectJim George's LPFM Database.
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