When it comes to plagiarism checking, turnitin is a top-rated choice for educational institutions and students. Its primary function is to identify plagiarism by comparing submissions with vast databases of existing content (scholarly papers, journals, websites, etc). The software also has other features that help educators and students improve their writing skills. Its favored subscription plans and easy integration with learning management systems make it an ideal choice for schools, colleges, and universities. However, it’s not a good fit for everyone. Its limited character support, inconvenient design, and low flexibility are some of its main disadvantages.

How do I get past Turnitin AI detection?

Moreover, turnitin alternative free  can’t be used for checking blogs or other non-academic content. Those creating written content for businesses may prefer a tool with more flexibility and fewer restrictions on its use. They may require hints and help with proofreading, as well as confidence that they won’t receive takedown notices for plagiarized material.

If you’re looking for a turnitin free alternative, we recommend checking out Plagium. This free plagiarism checker is designed to be used on both PCs and Macs. It can identify plagiarism in documents, web pages, and even individual words. The software uses a unique algorithm to analyze and compare texts, determining whether they contain plagiarized content by dividing them into snippets and searching them against online sources. It can identify both text and URLs, making it more accurate than other tools that only check for similarity based on word counts or patterns.

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