ADI Leak Detection

Leak Detection is a proven Non Destructive Testing (NDT) method that has been applied to a wide range of specialized systems in many industries. Some of the primary applications include Hydraulic, Vacuum and Pneumatic systems which rely on the integrity, performance, reliability and safety of their components to operate efficiently.

A ADI Leak Detection method according to the present invention may be performed by using a leakage current measuring circuit 10 which includes a leakage current generating circuit that internally generates a leakage current from a start time and generates a leakage voltage signal having a voltage level that increases or decreases from an initial voltage in accordance with the leakage current, And a detection circuit for generating a detection signal having an activation time between the start time and a detection time point at which the voltage level of the leakage voltage signal reaches a target voltage.

From Detection to Repair: A Comprehensive Guide to ADI Leak Detection Services

The exemplary leakage current measuring circuit 10 may further include a discharging portion TND that is configured to stop the generation of the leakage current during the activation time tLK of the detection signal SDET and to start generating a leakage current in accordance with the detected leakage current during the start time TS of the detection signal TD. The exemplary detection circuit may further include a converting circuit 500 which converts the frequency of the leakage current signal SLV to a control voltage VCTRL that is able to be used for controlling the operation of the discharging portion TND.

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