Many cat owners choose to give their cats thc treats for a variety of reasons. Some may use them to treat anxiety and stress, while others want to help ease pain or discomfort. The best thc treats for cats should be made with ingredients that are safe and easy for the feline to digest and absorb. These treats should also not be more than 10% of the pet’s daily calories. This helps prevent overdosing and makes it easier to keep the pet’s weight in balance.

If you are looking for a great thc cat treats  you can’t go wrong with the HolistaPet CBD soft chews. They are available in different sizes and provide up to 2mg of CBD per treat. They are easy for the cat to digest and offer a great source of natural vitamins and minerals. These soft chews are also a good way to support dental health by reducing plaque and tartar.

CBD for Cats: Understanding the Benefits and Safe Usage for Feline Wellness

Another excellent thc cat treat is the CBD American Shaman Cat Kitty Nugs. These flavored hemp oil treats are formulated by veterinarians and feature clean, organic ingredients. The full-spectrum CBD oil has been specially formulated for cats to reduce anxiety, stress, and inflammation. These treats contain vitamin A, B12, and D3 for skin and hair health, as well as calcium and folic acid to promote strong bones and teeth.

One verified owner shared that her elderly farm cat was experiencing arthritis and digestive issues and wasn’t able to climb into her favorite window sills or onto chairs anymore. She began giving him the CBD treats every morning and has noticed a dramatic difference in her old boy’s mobility and overall wellbeing. She says that she can’t recommend these treats and food topper enough.

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