Detecting bots and bot traffic is a crucial part of protecting your online business. Bots are automated software programs that perform tasks on your behalf. These automated systems can be used to cause harm to your business or to engage in fraudulent transactions.

How do you identify a Web robot?

Bots are designed to behave like a human visitor. They typically interact with XML/JSON APIs. However, they are able to bypass some of these protection mechanisms. Therefore, it’s important to find a solution that can identify all types of bots, and that can be easily integrated with your existing infrastructure architecture.

Traditionally, bot detection tools have relied on rule-based measures. For example, blocking IP ranges, countries, and data centers has been used. But these methods aren’t effective at catching more sophisticated bots.

One of the most common anti-bot tools is CAPTCHA. This tool looks for flags in automation libraries to identify potential bots.

Other bot detection tools look for irregular click-throughs and session duration. These tools can flag traffic that’s originating from an unexpected location.

Radware Bot Manager uses machine learning techniques to analyze visitors. It then develops a unique fingerprint for each visitor. This allows the tool to effectively block bad bots. The solution also provides Web server plugins and Cloud Connectors to help protect your online business.

Bots are the primary cause of fraud and cyber attacks. The number of bad bots is increasing, and businesses need to take action. The rise in bot traffic makes it more important to have a bot detection solution in place.

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