Whether you’re preparing for a new puppy or trying to figure out how to keep your existing dog from chewing things that aren’t edible, the right kennel can make all the difference. A kennel is any structure that confines and shelters a dog, and can range from a cage to an entire building or set of buildings housing multiple dogs. The best kennel for puppies is sturdy and easy to clean, as well as resistant to their efforts to destroy it.Find out more

Puppies can start spending time in their crates as soon as they’re comfortable with being confined. Begin by using a treat to entice them to go inside, and then use a command such as “Crate” or “House.” As they get more comfortable with this, you can move the crate into your bedroom so they can hear you at night if they need to eliminate, and so that you can respond quickly to any bathroom cries they might make during the night.

Selecting the Best Location for Your Puppy Kennel: Factors to Keep in Mind

Once your dog is used to going into their crate on cue, you can begin to leave them there for longer periods. Be sure to give them a potty break before doing so, and let them out right away. You can also try crating them while you watch TV or cook dinner, and then letting them out for a play session or a trip outside.

When you’re ready to take them on a long trip, you can also practice leaving them in their crate for longer periods of time. However, a puppy can only be crated for up to a number of hours equal to their age in months, plus one (for example, two months old can only be crated for up to three hours).

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