bed tray

A bed tray is a convenient addition to your bedroom that can serve as a serving board, desk, laptop station, or decor display. Some trays are designed for specific tasks and are outfitted with reading lights, built-in mousepads, handy cubbies for propping up devices, and hidden storage. Others serve the function of a breakfast tray, with space to safely and stylishly accommodate newspapers and books, reading glasses, and mobile phones.

Choosing the Best Tray

When choosing a bed tray make sure it meets your needs and has features that will make it easy to use and comfortable. Some trays are equipped with tilting surfaces that allow you to view your books or tablets at different angles, while others are padded to conform to the contours of your body.

Breakfast in Bed: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Bed Tray

Legs that fold up are a must-have on a bed tray because they make it easier to store when not in use. A folding leg can also help prevent items from falling off the surface if it falls over.

The surface should be sturdy and have a lip that protects the edges of the table from being scratched or damaged. It should be made from a material that won’t stain easily and is easy to clean.

Spill guards are another feature to look for on a table, especially if it’s going to hold liquids or food. They’re particularly useful for seniors who have stability or balance issues.

Many overbed tables come with an adjustable base, which can be elevated or lowered to change the sleeping angle. This option is ideal for people with neck and back pain, chronic snorers, or anyone who finds it difficult to sleep on a flat mattress surface.

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