email address fraud score checkl is one of the most powerful and common pieces of data fraudsters can use to verify their identity, conduct a transaction or test a company’s technological defenses. It’s also one of the easiest pieces of information to create for fraudsters, whether by hacking a system or creating an account on a service that does not require verification or security protocols.

Email Address Fraud Score Check

Detecting fraud is an ongoing struggle for retailers, especially with cybercriminals becoming increasingly sophisticated at evading detection and scoring systems. Using the right fraud prevention tools, however, can help businesses improve their ability to detect transaction risk and fraud in their sites and apps. Using email address fraud score check, for example, can help identify high risk users and payments without slowing down the customer experience or adding friction to the checkout process.

How an email fraud score check works

An email risk score is determined by a combination of factors that are used to determine the probability of fraud for a given email address. Several different metrics are weighed to calculate the score including:

Blacklists: The likelihood that an email address or domain is included in multiple blacklists is an indicator of potential fraud and can raise a score significantly.

Domain Reputation: Detecting the reputation of an email domain can also elevate a score. For example, if a spammer is using a known disposable email domain to bypass security measures, this can quickly raise a risk score and trigger an alert.

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