Snapchat Campaign Services offers advertising services to help you grow your audience, nurture loyalty with the next generation of consumers and drive specific marketing goals. Its ephemeral content creates a sense of urgency and Fear of Missing Out – FOMO that can boost engagement, while Snapchat’s robust targeting options allow you to reach your ideal customers on their mobile devices.

From Story Ads that look and feel like publisher content to Snap Minis that are standalone micro-apps, there is a format that will best suit your marketing needs. Snapchat’s ad formats are designed to be creative, on-brand, and blend organically with users’ experience on the platform.

Crafting Snaps that Stick: Utilizing Snapchat Campaign Services

To start, select a Snapchat ad type in Ads Manager and either use Instant Create or Advanced Create to build your campaign in minutes. Then, choose your bidding and budget preferences and use the tools in Ads Manager (like Goal-Based Bidding and Audience Insights) to optimize for performance.

Snapchat’s Dynamic Ads automatically personalize ads to each potential customer based on their product catalog, allowing you to scale your campaigns and drive online conversions easily. You can also take advantage of Snapchat’s unique Shoppable AR experiences with Collection Ads, which enable businesses to showcase a collection of products in a seamless shopping experience that will make your clients’ Snapchat shoppers swoon.

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