Despite a growing market for gaming machines, console gaming still dominates the Thai gaming market. However, as the industry grows, better games will be available.

Is it unhealthy to be a gamer?

According to NewZoo, Thailand’s gaming market will be worth $597 million in 2017 and is expected to grow to over $2 billion in 2025. The market is growing at an average of 15 percent yearly. The Thai government has shown strong support for the growth of the industry. It has also set up a national master plan to develop the industry.

According to the DEPA Game Accelerator Program, Thailand’s game developers are improving and bringing their capabilities up to international standards. Aside from the program’s technical training, it also provides opportunities to run trials and receive funding. This will help Thai game developers and publishers improve their capabilities. คลิกเลย

The Thai government has also introduced a national master plan to develop the gaming industry. It aims to make the sector a regional hub. It has also created a esports study program and has established a partnership with industry players. In addition, the government has set up a national master plan for digital content.

As the gaming industry in Thailand continues to develop, Thai developers and players are finding it difficult to create a successful business. Several local game design and development companies have showcased their latest creations.

The gaming market has a lot of room for growth. According to DEPA, Thai game players enjoy a variety of games. Among them, adventure games and role play games are the most popular.

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