best ceramic waffle maker

The Best Non Toxic Waffle Maker

A best ceramic waffle maker out delicious Belgian-style waffles by heating up metal plates and allowing batter to flow into grooves in the plates. Then the plates are flipped and cooked to create a crisp exterior and fluffy interior, all ready to be loaded up with toppings and enjoyed. This simple and easy to use breakfast appliance is a popular choice in many kitchens, but finding the right one for you requires some research.

Our favorite is the Presto FlipSide, which is an affordable and durable model that churns out tasty, crispy, and consistent waffles every time. The nonstick plates are also dishwasher safe, so cleaning up is a breeze. The indicator light flashes red while preheats, then turns green when it’s ready to cook. And the included timer makes it even easier to get your waffles just right.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Ceramic Waffle Maker: Crispy Delights Every Morning

Another top pick is the Hamilton Beach 26031, which has removable plates that can be used for other cooking, such as making pancakes or a panini. These plates have a diamond-infused ceramic surface that’s up to five times harder and 10 times more durable than traditional nonstick, according to the manufacturer. And they’re completely free of PFAS “forever chemicals” and PTFE nano-titanium ceramic coatings that are linked to health problems.

The adjustable browning control lets you customize the texture of your waffles, too—twist the dial towards Max for a crunchy, crisp finish or toward Min for a lighter, softer waffle. And the affordable price tag doesn’t hurt, either.

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