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The Jaguar E-Type, aka the XKE, is one of the most beautiful cars ever produced and it’s a car that many a classic enthusiast has dreamed of owning. But if you’re looking for one to buy it’s important that you approach this with educated caution: the Jaguar E-Type can be a beautiful thing but it is also very expensive and complex to keep up, especially if you want to drive it regularly. Read more

For the North American market a number of changes were required in order to meet stringent safety and emissions standards. The biggest change was the move from a 3.8 litre XK engine to a larger 4.2 litre Jaguar all synchromesh engine. This changed the character of the E-Type, making it less ‘wild cat’ and more sleek and refined. Other changes included a switch from a positive to a negative earth electrical system and the addition of a radiator fan to cope with the higher heat loads.

Modern Tech Meets Classic Beauty: Technology Upgrades in E-Type Builds

Six chassis numbers were originally assigned to Lightweight E-Types but they lay dormant in Jaguar’s own records until 2014. In that year the new operation under Jaguar Heritage (Jaguar’s specialist division) resurrected those chassis numbers and built the six cars you see here.

Jaguar’s Heritage team have set themselves a very high bar with the Reborn cars: they aren’t perfect to drive but they are very close and, as you can see from the photos, they are beautifully built. This kind of attention to detail and engineering is what you’re paying for when it comes to an E-Type Reborn.

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