Andrew Tate is a self-made millionaire who has built a portfolio of businesses generating passive income. He founded The Real World (TRW), which recently underwent a name change to the new “Real World AI.” The platform has repositioned itself as an educational resource that offers practical skills for freelancing, running paid ads, and crypto investing. It also offers a content creation campus and an AI

In The Real World AI, two management and technology experts systematically explain how to integrate AI into your business model. They provide an incredibly valuable roadmap for anyone with even a passing interest in the topic. Rochwerger and Pang’s clear language, helpful graphs, and worksheets help demystify what can be an overwhelming subject. Unlike many AI texts, which are often weighed down by overly technical and incomprehensible jargon, this book focuses on the practical aspects of applying AI to everyday tasks.

Decoding The Real World AI with Andrew Tate

The authors demonstrate that AI represents a massive shift in technology, as revolutionary as electricity or the Internet. They then offer a framework for the formulation of an AI strategy that can influence every corner of the business world. They explore the organizational challenges that demand adopting a high degree of team cross-functionality and harmonizing user experience, engineering, and business management. They also offer a sensitive treatment of the ethical implications of AI development, including a frank discussion of the potential for unintentional bias.

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