whats the best white rum

The whats the best white rum is a versatile spirit that can be the backbone of many classic cocktails like the mojito and daiquiri. It’s a bit more delicate than dark and flavored rums, but it adds a sweetness that pairs well with mixers. This type of rum typically spends a shorter amount of time in the barrel and is usually aged and filtered to remove its signature golden color.

The good news is that there’s more than enough choice in the category. You can go with a younger, less expensive silver rum from the likes of Bacardi or Captain Morgan or pick up a more expensive aged version. Luckily, the latter is becoming more common and often has a more complex flavor profile to match the higher price tag.

The Ultimate Taste Test: Determining the Crown Jewel of White Rums

Our curated list below features some of the best options to help you find the right rum for your cocktail bar, at home or in a restaurant. We’ve chosen bottles that have been carefully tested by our team of rum experts, as well as some newcomers that are worth checking out.

A great entry-level option from the Foursquare distillery, this white rum is made in the US and is a blend of white and silver rums that are distilled using molasses and then aged for up to three years in oak barrels before being bottled. While it doesn’t have the complexity of an aged rum, it does have a subtle hint of molasses and a nice light sweetness. It’s a solid choice for any cocktail or sipping on the rocks.

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